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The baby room is very welcoming, full of colour and can take up to a maximum of 6 children. It has lots of soft furnishings including a sensory area to stimulate their young minds.

We provide daily care sheets for both babies and toddlers which details the Child's routine for the day. Your Child will be given a designated key worker who will liaise with the parent or carer regarding your child’s needs and how they are progressing. They will also discuss when the time is right for your Child to take their next steps into the toddler room.

Your child’s key worker will ask you about their daily routine i.e. milk time and sleep times. We try to make sure that each child is helped to settle as soon as possible and to not interrupt their normal routine.

The babies have their own outside play area with sun shades and designated activity areas.

Day Nursery for Babies


At this stage a child is more mobile and interactive. The children have circle time on a daily basis to help with their development skills. These will include singing, story and talk time.

Children of this age are now forming friendships with their peers and becoming more independent. Their speech is developing and they are learning new skills such as making choices. The children are allowed a free choice when it comes to play and activities.

The children are encouraged to feed themselves with the help of staff supervision and are offered a choice of food at mealtimes. The children are taught how to use their table manners and to be polite.

Day Nursery for Toddlers


Following the EYFS, staff prepare fun and interesting activities. Planning is created for each individual child.  We make sure they reach the intended goals for their age group working together with both parent’s and carers to ensure their needs are met.

Rooms are divided into the areas of learning and children are encouraged to choose their own equipment during free play. Staff give support in Group times as this helps the children become more confident as individuals and this also helps them to interact alongside their peers and mentors.

There is an area to promote writing and number skills getting them off to a flying start for school, and French lessons are also provided to introduce the children to a new language.

Mealtimes are a social occasion at Young Rascals and children are encouraged to be polite and to use their table manners. The children are offered a choice of foods and enjoy helping with the setting up and clearing of the tables.

Pre School

"Really happy we chose Young rascals Nursery for our daughter's care. She loves coming to nursery everyday, the staff members are lovely and you can tell they care about all the little rascals! Being small nursery the kids build a really good relationship among them and all the staff. Extra activities are a plus, my daughter loves dance lessons and we are looking forward the french ones!"
Parent (September 2016)