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Little Explorers

It’s important for all ages of children to be able to enjoy the natural environment and seek out new and exciting experiences.
Outdoor play helps develop children’s minds and enables them to enjoy exercise, fresh air and have an understanding of the local environment.

We at Young rascals encourage the children to explore the unknown and have adventures. The children have opportunities whether it’s digging in the soil for worms, digging up vegetables, picking our home-grown strawberries, rhubarb and herbs or releasing the butterflies into the garden.

Every learning opportunity is available whatever the weather! From climbing, riding bikes + scooters and playing in the sensory area, to music + movement and role play.

One of the children’s favourite outdoor activities is camping (not overnight of course!) We build a pretend camp fire and pretend to cook our dinner whilst singing songs and making our cosy dens.

Little ExplorersLittle Explorers

Healthy eating

At Young Rascals we have 2 cooks both Nvq qualified who provide Healthy and nutritious meals and snacks. All meals are prepared daily and with fresh ingredients including fish, meat, poultry and vegetables to promote a healthy diet.

We try to cater for each child’s needs including vegetarians and pork free. We devise the menu as per season, making sure that there are plenty of hearty meals during the colder months such as homemade pies, roast dinners and curry. Over the warmer periods, lasagne and salad, Quiche, turkey skewers with cous cous.

There are fruit bowls in each room offering a various choice for the children to choose from throughout the day.

"The staff are lovely. They’re all brilliant with the kids, they’ve looked after my niece since she was 6 weeks old and they’ve done a brilliant job now she’s nearly 2 and coming along beautifully thanks to the staff aka Nik, Lindsay,Sarah,jess, and all the other staff they’re all lovely. 5 stars from me."
Parent (March 2018)


We have a weekly French class that teaches the children the basics such as Hello and Goodbye. Each week there is a new topic which can be anything from colours, shapes, weather etc.
The Children are very responsive to the teacher and can repeat, understand, ask and answer questions in the language.
Staff encourage the children to repeat phrases, songs and play games that use the topic words, and praise them when they hear the child speaking the second language. This does wonders for the child's self esteem and confidence.
Children have an amazing ability to learn another language and will imitate not just the words but what they also hear.

 ‘’ The value lies in the interaction”

"Me and my son absolutely loves this nursery! The staff are nice, kind, friendly and very helpful. They looking after my little ones while I'm working every single day."
Parent (December 2017)


CookingAll of the children take great interest in freshly baked products. The children bake on a weekly basis and make anything from cup cakes to bread.

The Nursery Chef and staff discuss what ingredients are going to be used and use words such as: Stirring, kneading, mixing and quantity. This helps each child to work as part of a group and encourages them to use new vocabulary.

The sense of achievement that baking creates can really make a child proud of their creations. The younger children love decorating biscuits and cakes with icing and treats.

The skills that the children learn are skills needed for life. It also teaches the children the importance of good nutrition and we encourage them to taste new foods on a regular basis.
Children have a natural curiosity as many foods change in colour, size and texture when baked.